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Horizontal storage tank


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Basic features of filament winding FRP storage tank

Extraordinary mechanical and physical performanceThe density of the FRP tank material is usually about 1.8-2.1g /cm3 ,which is fourth one that of steel. And its strength-to-weight ratio is also higher than that of the cast iron and the plastic material (See Table 1). And see Table  2 & 3 to learn about its physical and mechanics performance of the FRP. On the other hand, the thermal expansion coefficient of the FRP is generally corresponding to that of the steel, while its heat conduction coefficient is only 0.5% that of the steel. Thus it is a good thermal and electrical insulating material

Being resistant to chemical erosion and longer service life

FRP is characterized with special ability to resist chemical erosion. When it stores erosive medium, FRP shows the most outstanding advantage that other material can’t overtake.

Flexible design and excellent tank wall performance

In order to meet the need of different medium and working conditions, the physical and chemical performance of the tank could be changed by variable resin system and reinforcing material. Various tanks under different pressure and with special characteristics can be made by designing the layer thickness, the winding angle and the wall thickness to adjust the capacity of the tank, which is the best among all kinds of metal material with the same function. The tank wall structure is illustrated in the above picture.

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