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SMC water tank and SMC modular water tank, produced by Shandong  GRAD Group, are new water tanks which are commonly  applied in international world. The unique performance thoroughly solved the problems such as high weight, easy penetration of concrete tank and corrosion, water pollution caused by the falling off of anti-corrosion coating of steel plate tank etc. The advantages: no penetration, light weight, high water quality, elegant appearance, long service life, and convenient installation etc. Main application in drinking water, fire demand, construction demand etc. This water tank is the key science and technology researching project and is listed in the key promotion new projects by the national Science and Technology Commission.
SMC modular water tank is combined and assembled by SMC modeling veneers (1000*1000mm、1000*500mm、500*500mm three kinds of specifications can be combined and assembled according to users’ need), sealing materials, metal fastenings, metal tensil sinew, support and pipe matching system. We can assemble 1-1000T tanks according to users’ requirements. Workers can enter in the modeling veneers to assemble when the previous tank need update, without building new rooms. The high practicability makes it convenient for the designing and constructing departments.

 Fundamental composition of SMC modeling sheet: mixtures such as unsaturated polyester resin, thickener (MgO), initiator (curing agent), cross linking agent, low shrinkage additive, packing (calcium powder), internal releasing agent (zinc stearate), colorant etc. These mixtures dip the glass fiber which is cut short. And then adding protective films to the two surfaces (polyethylene or polypropylene film) to form sheet compression molding material. Removing the thin film, clipping according to the required size, and then compression molding.


1). Well reproducibility, SMC products isn’t easy to be affected by the outside conditions and handlers
2). Convenient operation, tack-free. 
3). Well-proportioned sheet quality, suitable for large thin-wall products with small variation of suppressing section.
4). Well forming liquidity, applying to products with complex structure and  large structure area.
5). Shaping forming products are with high smooth finish, needing no second time embellishment 
6). High production automation, short forming period, and improving the wet forming working environment.



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