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Grad Group began to produce the engine cabinet and hubcap in 2009.There are many fixed  customers like Gold Wind, United Power,CRRC and so on.There is no major quality problem until now.All customers trust GRAD and insist on using our products.

1.Production capacity

 The area of composite material industrial park is about 670 000m2,and the phase I area is about 300 000m2.There aree more than 270 employees.The production capacity is more than 2000 sets per year.In 2015, the sales revenus is aout 150 million.

 2.Technology capacity
Grad Group owned special research and development technicians for wind power products,So the company can do large mould tool design and manufacture.They also can be charge of process design,product structure adjustment and optimization
The mould material adopt import product to reach standard A class.The service life can be reched 500ssts.They can produce all kinds of wind power products.
    Grad Group will do process and quality plan befroe the beginnig of new product to do process preparing and testing.And it must insure every step quality. The factory will produce batch manufacturing after first product qualified.

The company production of  wind power products used a variety of processes,like vacuum infusion, light RTM, hand lay-up, etc.The main parts and metal structures adopt vacuum infusion one step molding process with excellent mechanical properties and fatigue resistance performance.

3.Qualtiy control
GRAD adheres to use A-class raw material and the raw material with good quality offers basic protection for engine cabinet quality. What’s more, A-class material is with high stability, which avoid the quality fluctuation of the engine cabinets from the root. The U9 material management system records in detail the information like raw material name, supplier, qualified quantity, material batch number, inspection date etc., which assures the traceability of the product material. The raw material inspection specification is edited, following which the main and auxiliary materials, outsourcing metal components are tested. By this way, all the data can be checked with proof.

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