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seperated heating collection module


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Product features:

1.Implements the collector and storage tank placed, heating unit carrying light weight, convenient to decorate, the tank can be installed at any position, it is more convenient to get water.

2. Loop heat collector and the tank through the mechanism, without frozen wall.

3.Runner USES TP2 copper pipe, 5% silver based solder welding, high crushing strength, long service life.

4.Using 3003 anti-rust aluminum finned heat transfer of thermal conductivity is rapid, high efficiency, resistance to corrosion.

5. and the outer stent use galvanized sheet aluminum with plastic-sprayed surface.

6.Tailstock material USES high strength nylon, wind circle use epdm, long-term durability.

7.Thermal insulation is the inner glass cotton, outer layer is the overall polyurethane foam, high temperature resistant and heat preservation effect is good





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