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FP-LM Vertical exposed type


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FCU product 


GRAD FCU mainly consists of centrifugal fan and heat exchanger etc., which is one of the terminals in the central air conditioning system. It has been widely applied in air conditioning occasions of civil or industrial buildings with large space or of multiple rooms like hotel, restaurant, factory, exhibition hall, shopping mall and office buildings. It can meet the requirements of cooling, dehumidification and heating etc., which can create a fresh, quiet and year-round balmy working and living conditions.

FCU improved the performance after optimized design;There are high efficiency type and standard type.The standard FCU can meet the national standard parameters;And the high efficiency FCU can meet the parameters higher 20% than national standard.
Features for FCU
Safe and reliable, long life span
The heat exchanger of each FCU has been tested by leak-check at working pressure. The water in/outlet (water collecting head) applies forging brass structure, which is reliable and durable. The water condensing plate is painted to avoid rust. All the materials are fireproofing. The motor applies super low noise bearing, which can keep working for as much as 35000 hours without adding oil or maintenance. The thin and long bearing for the motor has been treated specially to avoid rust.
High efficiency and full energy
The cooling coils adopts double flanging aluminum fin being strung by seamless red copper tube and they are expanded into one to improve the heat transferring efficiency and to enrich the heating and cooling capacity.
High air volume and low noise
It adopts super wide volute and steel plate made multiple blades centrifugal fan. There are many  priority matching methods for fan and motor, which can meet requirements of various FCU models.
Implication of the model

The application features and range for FCU
FP-WA  Horizontal concealed type
With low outline of this type, it can be put into the ceiling at random. Following the indoor room decoration, we can match with proper air vent. It is ideal air conditioning device in hotel, restaurant, office etc.
Adopt DC motor;It can be adjusted three gear speed regulation for high,middle and low.
1.Wide working rotating speed can meet many models requirements.
2.Low rotating speed;lower air volume;so it can reduce the energy consumption and reach energy saving 

Water system control
Two or three way switch type water cooled control system includes electric actuators, valves and related components.Directly install this control system on the fan coil by the factory. It is automatically adjusting the indoor temperature by open or close the cold and hot water system.

FP-WM  Horizontal exposed type
It can be suspended at any location under the ceiling without covering any indoor area, which is easy to install. The electrostatic painting shell can match well with the indoor decoration. It is suitable to be used in air conditioning reconstruction of old buildings, which reduces piping work and saves cost.

FP-LM  Vertical exposed type
The electrostatic painting shell makes it elegant color and appearance. It can be put on the floor directly and match well with indoor decoration. It is easy to mount, demount and maintain and is of reliable performance.

FP-LA  Vertical concealed type
This type is very thin, so it covers no available space and can be put under widow, into the wall or the notch of the decorative plate. There are two methods to supply air: up air supply and front air supply. It is suitable to be used in meeting room, hall or gym etc.

FP-KM  Cassette type 
This unit can be put into the ceiling ideally. Combined with the indoor decoration, there will be only air vent exposed on the ceiling. The air vent is elegant and it will cover no space. So it is easy to maintain and mend.

Technical performance I
Performance parameter of high efficiency FCU

Installation and using instructions
1. The vertical unit shall be installed on horizontal level and kept vertical, without slope. When installing the horizontal unit, the 4 lifting points shall keep the unit horizontal and avoid the condensing water flowing out while one side is higher than the other. 
2. There shall be valves on the water in/out pipes to regulate and mend. And pay attention to the cleaning and warming for the water in/out pipes. Keep the plastic condensing water pipes smooth without dead turn and flattening.
3. Start at the high speed when turning on the three-way switch and then choose other speed. Control single unit when using multiple units. 
4. Power supply for the unit: single phase 220V+-10%,50Hz,A/C. The shell shall be installed with ground wire for safety. If it is hard to start the unit, check whether the power supply is normal and whether the blades and fan volute get touched. Pay attention to the out shell, he heat exchanger fins and fan while installing the unit, keep them complete without destroying, which will influence its elegance and performance.
5. The cold water must be higher than 7℃ in summer and hot water lower than 80℃ in winter. Soften the used cold or hot water as per the local water quality.
6. The MAWP is 1.6MPa.
7. Clean the filter regularly.
8. Clean the heat exchanger regularly, keep it clean and make sure of its good transferring performance.
9. Turn on the fan after connecting the power and observe whether the rotating direction is right.
10. Put access door for maintenance if the unit is installed concealed.
11. Cut off the power while mending the unit.
12. For the detailed installation and using of the cassette FCU, pls check the attached  instructions.
13. With our improvement, there will be variation on the specifications. If there is any change, pls refers to the attached technical documents. We will not notice separately. 
Order guide
Pls offer clear information for the specification, model and the water in/out direction(right or left) as you choose the FCU.
Pls mark the way of air return (lower side or back) as you choose the horizontal concealed unit with air return box.
There will be low static pressure(12Pa), high static pressure(30Pa, 50Pa) for the horizontal concealed unit, pls mark the type as ordering. If there is no special requirements, we will offer products as per low static pressure type.
Sincerely welcome your choosing GRAD FCU, if you have any special requirements, pls contact with the headquarter or the branch offices and sign technical documents before ordering. Our company follow the principle of keeping improving our products, maybe it will be hard to inform you the improvement or variation in the performance, specification, material.Thanks for understanding. Meanwhile, pls keep in contact with us and ask for the latest documents.

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