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Fight virus, ensure supply and promote development——the international projects of Grad are in the delivery.

At the beginning of March, all the employees of GRAD Group quickly returned to work. We actively promoted the collection of payment for foreign projects and the shipment of goods while seizing the orders. Many shipments of orders have been completed, which includes some major system engineering projects, and the shipment amount is nearly 6 million yuan per month, which reaches a record high.

On 12-13th of march, three air cooled screw units and 6 constant temperature and humidity chiller have been successfully delivered to the cement plant in south Asia. This project has been delivered for 6 times with 17 containers. It is one of large foreign system engineering projects undertaken by Grad group.

On march 14th, we successfully completed the shipment of HVAC equipment in Papua New Guinea and the shipment of air valve equipment in a hospital in Cambodia through multi-party coordination and overall planning.

On march 24th, all the air valves were delivered to an Ethiopian bank successfully under the great assistance of the production workshop

On march 27th , The fan project of a dairy factory in Indonesia has been delivered successfully.

The overall situation of the virus has not stopped Grad’s development. Batch after batch of products have been successfully delivered, which create more image projects, and further improve the teamwork ability and cohesion. We will continue to show the world a better and stronger Grad.