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Flat plate collector


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Product features

1. Flat plate collector ground layer as the blue film and black film, absorption efficiency is high, the emissivity of the four, weather resistance, suitable for a wide range.

2. Set collector tube and drainage tube: word with TP2 phosphorized copper, excellent welding performance, thermal performance is good.

3. The welding way: overall laser welding, in combination with thermal resistance is small.Effectively reduce the air convection, heat loss is small.

4. The collector sealing way: weather resistance rubber seal, 50 years of life.

5. Collector frame: 6063 t5 aluminium profile, beautiful and durable.

6. Back: hot galvanized sheet, and the overall bite sealing, good sealing, small heat loss.

7. Insulation: using glass fiber cotton insulation, 30-50 mm thickness.

8. Cover: using ultra low iron tempered glass, high transmittance, collection hot effect is good, no light pollution.



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